Landscape Maintenance

All landscaping, including natural areas, shall be maintained in a neat and attractive condition.

NEW - Wildfire Partners mitigation tips. A resident in an adjoining neighborhood provided us with their report from Boulder County Wildfire Partners. While it is specific to their property, it contains many helpful suggestions for keeping our homes and neighborhoods safe.

Find out more about Boulder County Wildfire Partners.

Per ACC Design Guidelines and Rules, minimum maintenance requirements include:

Lawn watering

Regularly scheduled mowing


Pruning trees and shrubs

Removal and replacement of dead or dying tree/plant materials

Removal and or elimination of weeds and noxious grasses

Shrubs and Trees

Trees shall not be cut down or removed without prior approval of the board unless the tree is less than 2" in diameter as measured one foot above the base of the tree. Removal of shrubs of significant size should also be pre-approved.

Storm Drains (Culverts)

Homeowners shall maintain storm drain areas and keep them free of any obstructions including shrub overgrowth and/or weeds.

Culverts shall be collared with metal or concrete.

Ditches and Easements

Ditches, ditch easements, and drainage easements must allow a free flow of water. No obstructions may occur in such areas including shrub/weed overgrowth.

Homeowners with properties adjacent to common areas are kindly asked to regularly keep tree and shrub growth trimmed to facilitate mowing operations.

Environmentally-Friendly Weed Killer

Combine in a sprayer of your choosing:

  • Industrial/agricultural strength vinegar, which has 30% acidity (grocery store vinegar is 5%)

  • A squirt of dishwashing liquid (this helps the solution stick to leaves)

  • Some table salt to help make the solution even more toxic to leaves

  • You may choose to dilute the solution slightly with a splash of water.

Caution - 30% vinegar is quite strong and can cause eye and skin irritation. Use reasonable caution when applying.

30% vinegar can be purchased through Amazon or at Flower Bin in Longmont.