What Needs Approval?

Submit a request for project approval

or email us with questions at board@peppertreehoa.org

Please allow approximately one week for the board's response.

Please refer to the ACC Design Guidelines and Rules for a full description of what types of projects need board approval.

In general, homeowners need approval before working on new or replacement projects that are an improvement to the property. These include projects such as, but not limited to:

Painting or staining

Gutters and roofing (unless doing so with a previously approved roofing material)

Windows and exterior doors

Solar panels, A/C units, and other energy control devices

Play equipment

Sheds, greenhouses, or arbors


Patios, decks, or porches

Pergolas, awnings, or gazebos

New trees, shrubs, and flower beds

Rock work and retaining walls

Removing trees over 2" in diameter as measured 1 foot above the base of the tree

Some projects do not need approval, but the board appreciates the courtesy of knowing what is happening. In such instances, please email us at board@peppertreehoa.org

The following changes, additions, or alterations shall not require approval:

Addition of plant materials pursuant to a previously approved landscape plan

Any interior modifications

Repairs to original structure pursuant to a previously approved plan

Reroofing with a previously approved roofing material

Seasonal decorations, if removed 15 days following the holiday

Placement of a real estate "for sale" signs of an approved size (no larger than 3' by 3')